Climate Change

What a load of crap.

Except not really.

Liberals insist man-made climate change is a real thing, and if we throw money at it, we can fix it!  If only those pesky C02 levels would come down….maybe a few billion dollars will convince them?

Conservatives do NOT REJECT CLIMATE CHANGE.  Only and idiot would suggest the climate is static.  Particularly when we’ve had FIVE ice ages, all prior to the combustion engine.  The area I’m sitting now has been under ice three times, and was once a shallow tropical ocean.

What we reject is the idea that men are changing the climate exclusively.  We probably have an impact on the climate, in some ways.  Certainly we have an impact on deforestation and pollution, mass extinctions and changing evolutionary history.

But let me address a few things that should break a few liberal brains.

  1.  Plants use C02 to thrive.  In fact, trees get most of their mass from the air, not the soil.  Remember the photosynthesis?  Thus…if deforestation is a concern…wouldn’t we want more C02?


2.  If man made climate change is real.  What do you think will happen with the nature-made stuff?  Do you think ice ages will stop?  Do you think we should try to artificially stabilize Earth?  What will we do, even if we negate our effects, but people still die from natural disasters that have (and always will) occur?

3.  Did you know C02 does tend to correlate with temperature, but has disparities that are much longer and worse than today’s?  There is a good chance we could reduce atmospheric C02 and…nothing would change.  Most media will doctor graphs, refusing to show the whole date range of ice core samples.  But I won’t.


4.  Did you know there is a relationship between sunspots, solar activity, and global weather?  Do you think you can legislate the sun?


5.  Did you know a galactic year is 225-250 million terrestrial years?  That is to say, last time we were “here” in the galaxy, the dinosaurs roamed.  Specifically…the Triassic Period.  Last time we were here, Pangea was all THE place to be.  Literally.  Also, your backyard looked like this:


5. (cont’d)  Point being…some major shiz went down.  We could be hurtling toward a trans-galactic meteor field right now.  Can we legislate it?

6.  Did you know C02 isn’t the only greenhouse gas?  Or the most effective?  That honor belongs to water vapor.

7.  Did you know you breathe out C02?

8.  Did you know the polar caps aren’t quite melting?  You could check here, but you won’t find shit on the south pole.  Probably because it fluctuates between record HIGH amounts of ice, and it doesn’t look good for government grants.  Though lately, both poles are at record lows.

8.  Do you actually know how climate works?  Do you know what a Carrington Event is?  A Maunder minimum?  Probably not, most weather men don’t.  But there are some resources you can look at if you are interested.

NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center.

This Guy.  (Provides tons of free educational materials and daily youtube updates.)

Also, try looking at the WHOLE data set.  If someone shows you a graph, remember your tax dollars pay good money for satellites around the sun, ice core samples, and a huge data set going back years.  Look for correlations for MORE than just C02.  Learn about the whole picture!  It really is fascinating.  You’ll quickly realize that legislating C02 is more or less pointless, and incredibly racists against plants.


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