Non-Binary, Gender fluid, Gender neutral, LGBTTQQIA, sex fads…

I’m exceedingly traditional and conservative.  Because this is viewed as inherently evil, let me share the conservative and traditional view of gender.  The progressive world may be shocked.  Stick with me through this listacle, and you’ll learn something.  It is a bit extensive, so hang in there.

  1.  No one fucking cares.

There you have it.  The conservative view.

I was raised with very traditional values (we are talking, old British colonial values.)  Gender was not even considered, or spoken about in polite conversation.  Neither was sexuality.  Gender expression was utilitarian as a foundation, then fashionable.  That was it.

Men were assumed to have a penis, and produce sperm.  But to even ponder such things was considered fruitless and wasteful.

Women were assumed to have breasts and carry young.  But to even ponder such things was considered fruitless and wasteful.

From my conservative upbringing, nearly everything was inherently gender neutral.  Panties, trousers, urinals, and braziers were the only things that had any real gender use, and it was utilitarian.  Men just…have an easier time with urinals.  Women, generally prefer support while they work, go to the gym, etc.  That’s it.

Sex was utilitarian.  It was done with the intent to bring an heir into the family line, and had nothing to do with identity or sexual orientation.  Of course, sexual entanglements would never be discussed among gentlemen.  Never.  Nor would sex characteristics of any kind.  It was considered intrusive and rude.


Now what do we have?  News flash, liberals… all of this gender expression and gender fluidity and sexual wishy-washy crap is not progressive.  Nor is it transcending gender roles.  Selecting mundane and primitive forms of gender expression (make-up, panties, leggings, booty shorts) and swapping them around does not make you some sort of neutral sexuality.  It makes you hyper sexual.  Dyeing your hair, shaving half of it off, purposely mixing and matching gender characteristics does not make you transcend gender.  It makes you hyper sexualized.  Wearing tie-dye booty shorts in a parade with scantily clad men does not mean you are progressive.  It means you are primitive, and devoting too much time to your genitals and where they go.

Conservatives, traditionally, transcend gender roles and expectations.  You are measured by your worth to society, the wealth you accumulate, your honor.  What gender you are, or your sexual orientation would only be a consideration of your husband or wife.  Men wore what men wore not because they had a penis and identified as a man, but because looking fashionable and stylish was a statement of class.  Not your penis.  Women were the same.  There was a time, girls, when you would delicately choose what to wear, because even the jewels in your ears were sending a message.  How you held your fan was sending a message.  Subtle, indeed, but those messages toppled kingdoms.

You know what transcends gender roles?  Philosophy.  Stars.  Science.  Money.  Pedigree.  Honor.  Any civilized person.

Do I “identify” as a male?  I have no idea.  A gentleman doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about how his feelings align with his genitals.  Am I straight?  I’ll never know.  I’m married to a beautiful woman, and I only have affections for her.  Done.

You know what?  I’m perfectly comfortable not really knowing, because I don’t think it matters.  She and I have equal roles.  Provide.  Achieve.  Accumulate wealth.

Genitals and gender have nothing to do with it.

All of these idiotic gender identities, “feeling” this way or that…tells me someone had way too much time on their hands.  Then, instead of pursuing things that are truly gender neutral, these same types of people will purposely select a cornucopia of specifically gender oriented traits to express.

I was born with a penis.  Stating something like that is exceedingly rude and is more than enough to have me banned from polite society.  But it needs to be said.

I wear boy clothes because they have specific functions that cater to the genitals I have.  I go to boy restrooms because I don’t want to go to jail.  I have sex with a girl because I want to have kids.  I shave because I have testosterone.

That’s it.  That is really as far as I’ve bothered to look into gender.  Do I “FEEL” male?  No. I don’t have time to “feel” male.  I “feel” busy.  Motivated, frustrated, hungry, and tired.  I feel like I need to finish construction projects, negotiate two new contracts, and stop three heart patients from dying today.


Take a look at that character.  Full disclosure, I have no idea who it is.  I typed in “gender fluid” into google and found them a few rows down.  So I’m not bashing this person specifically.

What do we see?  Are they at a job site?  Are they studying?  Charting stars?  Pondering over a curious and quaint volume of forgotten lore?  Nope.  They’ve chosen THIS image to be taken and put out there.

We have…

  1.  A shaved head, a sex characteristic culturally attributed to men due to male pattern baldness.  Or old people due to androgenic alopecia.
  2. Red contact lenses.  A sex characteristic of vampires, fire demons, and the like.
  3. Lots of piercings.  A sex characteristic of women in Western Culture, especially with all the lighter and pretty colors.
  4. Baby smooth skin.  A sex characteristic of women.
  5. An adam’s apple.  Male.

I had to dig into the past to find this one:


There she is, in all her glory.  Madame Curie.

What is she presenting?  A dress, sure.  But that is just what she is wearing.  She chose to have herself photographed and demonstrated in a way that really doesn’t have shit to do with her gender or sexuality.  See?  Transcended.  She is peering into a vial of of science juice.  See the difference?  One is hypersexualized.  The other is just…Madame Curie doing Madame Curie stuff.  When we talk about her, none of us think of her vagina.  We think about science.

One is totally devoted to the feelings of their private parts.  The other is devoted to furthering our understanding of the universe.Florence_Nightingale_three_quarter_length

If you don’t know who she is, you ought to be ashamed.  That is Florence Nightingale.  If it weren’t for her, we’d all be dead.  Well, a lot of us.  She revolutionized healthcare WAY before her time, and is the gold standard of patient care.  But LOOK at her.  Look how she stands, her pride, how regal she is.  Do you think she cares about her gender expression here?  Hell no.  She cares about what the photograph says about her.  Even the recording of her voice says nothing about her gender or sexuality.  Just her hopes, her friends, and leaving a memory.



Really people?  We have work to do.

Stop screwing around with this nonsense and save a life.  Donate.  Something.  Once everyone is fed, healthy, and safe…then you can wear your bra with your adam’s apple.



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