Google is Racist..or something…

Here is the full ten page document that everyone is raising a fuss about.  Of course…CNN makes you dig through websites to find the actual text.

Of course the left is freaking out about people questioning the wage gap, or that there might (gasp) be inherent biological difference between two people.  I know.  Shocking.


But after I read the full document, I felt something else…an undertone.

This classical liberal feels the same way I do.  The document was written well, sensitive, and continually doing what I do on here…backtracking.  Explaining points.  Clarifying that they aren’t sexist.  Doing their damned best to make sure they weren’t called the things everyone calls us.  Apologizing the whole way.  The undertone was that of a plea…for equality.  Asking the left if it okay to be a conservative.

And wow…did they respond.

The Fake News Media all label this as an “anti-diversity creed”, when in fact, the author states multiple times that he is supportive of diversity and encourages it.  He just wishes he was included too.

It is a shame that the regressive left focuses so much on diversity, but absolutely hates white people, conservatives, straight people, or…god forbid…all three wrapped into one.

I know there are a few people that hate me for all three (even though they have never clarified my sexuality.)

Please people, do yourself a favor and read the document.  Don’t listen to what the media wants you to know.  Learn it on your own.

As a warning:  If identity politics keep up this way, and white straight males are continually excluded from a permitted identity…..  They will (like all humans) form an identity.  Though I find nothing wrong with being proud of what makes us who we are…I would much rather be proud of what makes me like someone else.  Please, liberals…let us in.  Don’t alienate conservatives.  Open up to our ideas.  Talk to us.  We have to talk.  No one should have to go to work feeling like they aren’t welcome.  No one should have to hide their sexuality or political views because they are afraid of losing their job.

I find it particularly odd…if I want acceptance for my sexuality or ideas or politics…I’m going to find a conservative.  Because I know I won’t be judged based on my skin color.  I’ll be judged based on my work ethic, and virtues.  How times have changed.


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