Medicare for All

Hell no.


Not when the current medicare system is run the way it is!


Swing by and look at a few stats.


Heard of the opioid epidemic happening right now?  I’m on the front lines of that.  I am auditing, running reports on people, and monitoring therapies all the time.

Shocking stats:  Of the almost $153 BILLION dollars spend on medicine through medicare (gee…its almost like drug companies WANT socialized medicine!), $5.3 billion was spend specifically on opioid that are chronically and commonly abused.  You get that?  $5,344,318,025 was spent on meds that are contributing to the opioid epidemic.  Granted, not all of them are abused.  Heck, even I’ve had a script for hydrocodone.  Clearly, some of them are.  That 5 billion dollars of your tax dollars was paid out to over 35 million patients in the form of narcotics.

Crazy, huh?

Here’s the top ten drugs your tax dollars paid for, in order of the most dollars:

Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen:  A pain med combo used to treat moderate to severe pain.  Often given for acute and chronic situations.

Omeprazole:  A PPI (proton pump inhibitor) used to treat acid reflux.

Lisinopril:  An ACE inhibitor used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure.

Amlodipine:  Blood Pressure

Gabapentin:  Now a controlled substance in some states, due to its chronic misuse.  Used for pain.

Atorvastatin:  Like most statins, this controls high cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Simvastatin:  Same thing!

Levothyroxine:  Helps regulate thyroid function.

Furosemide:  Blood Pressure

Metoprolol:  Blood pressure.


Look at that.  I wonder how much we would save if we had good diet, exercise, and stopped abusing drugs?  A bucket load.

Granted, not all of these drugs are given because someone made bad choices…but a lot of them are.  Some people need them for birth defects, or genetic disorders.  Some need them because they keep eating McDonalds.

I’m already pissed that my medicare taxes are being spent on 5 billion dollars of opioids, then I read about how people are dropping like flies in Ohio due to those same drugs.

But ask anyone on the left…there is NO problem with subsidizing narcotics…none at all.

Meanwhile, drug companies are loving the influx of cash for drugs that have high risk of long term abuse and addiction.


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