Why I do this…

We live in a world where everyone is free to express pride in their ethnicity, gender, gender expression, gender modulation, fluctuation, intersectional victim status…  EXCEPT men.  Men in particular are not permitted to have emotions.  They are collectively evil.  White men can not be proud of their heritage or race or culture.  None of us can be proud to be men.  They can not exemplify what it means to be a good man, because there is no such thing.  We are silenced, sent to war, cheated, abused…and we have to let it happen, don’t we?

If we say things like “I think forcing me to sign up for the selective service isn’t fair….”  Then we are being misogynists for wanting women to die.  If we say things like “I don’t think white people should be banned from school for a day.”  Then we are racists.

This is all about fighting this nonsense.  It is okay to be white.  Straight.  Not straight.  Transgender.  Christian.  Pagan. It is okay to be a wounded vet.  A cop.  A nurse.  It is okay to be who we are, as long as we are Gentlemen.  And damn anyone who disagrees.  If they can’t use data, evidence, and solid logic to change our mind…  they won’t succeed.

The world needs Gentlemen.  Here, I’ll voice my dissent with the mindless brain rot that spews from the media, advertisements and morons’ face flaps.  Then I’ll offer some input on how we men can rise to our true nature.

Edit (12/28/2017).  I believe in a variety of causes, and though I’m passionate about many things, I won’t address them all here.  My objective is not popularity.  My objective is to use this blog in a cathartic way, to help me organize my ideas.  I do this because I’m not capable of organizing  some social constructs without visual assistance.  For reasons.